Error in React.js Jamming project


When i am trying to render the searchResults array in Tracklist component, i am getting the below error:

this is my code from App.js :

and here’s my code from tracklist.js :

Can you please help?

The error means the array you are trying to map over doesn’t exist. The problem is likely where the TrackList component is rendered and the props are passed into it.

Not sure if the extra spaces in your <SearchResults> component are a problem.

When you get the array for the map sorted out, make sure you return something in the body of the callback.

Here’s my Tracklist component:

I have removed the spaces from but, no luck!

Running into the same problem myself… Any success?

Hey Jack. Nope, the issue prevails. which version of react are you using?

try deleting the call in the tracklist, worked for me and the dev went back to it in a couple of steps later.

Tried it but it did not work for me.