Error in python-beginner-es-NWE2u


I see on class 6 of "Sintaxis de Python" (Python syntax) from first course of python a little error.
When i indent the line 2 and send the code that returns success.

Here the code:

def jamon():
   huevos = 12
return huevos
print jamon()

Obviously wrong, we need indent the line 3 too.


Are you saying your code passes when it looks like this,

def jamon():
    huevos = 12
return huevos
print jamon()


Yes. I'm saying that.

Sorry for my very bad english :blush:

Thx for notice me about my error.


No problem,

Yes I think you should report this as a bug on the exercise you are on. :slight_smile:


I don't know how report. I'm doing it here. xD

Can you teach me how can i do that?


Go to the specific lesson you are on.

At the bottom left corner of your window you will see this text Report A Bug? Click on it, and then explain your issue. :slight_smile:


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