Error in Movies II 5/3

Hello. I don’t undestand what’s wrong here. The program doesn’t give me any error mistake.
Can anybody help me?

This is show.html.erb

  <!-- Display the movie's info here -->
  <div class="info">
    <!-- movie image -->
    <%= @movie.image %>
    <h3 class="movie-title"><%= @movie.title %>   </h3>
    <p class="movie-release-year"> <%= @movie.release_year %> </p>
    <p class="movie-plot"> <%= @movie.plot %> </p>

 <% @actors.each do |a| %> 
<!-- Display each actor's info here -->
<div class="actor">
  <!-- actor image -->
  <%= a.image %>
  <h3 class="actor-name"> <%= a.first_name %> <%= a.last_name %> </h3>
  <p class="actor-bio"><%= %>  </p>

And this is movie’s controller

class MoviesController < ApplicationController
def index
@movies = Movie.all

def show
@movie = Movie.find(params[:id])
@actors =


Hi Artur,

Your code looks fine to me, although you should use <%= image_tag @movie.image %> to show the movie’s picture instead.

There’s a bug right now which seems to be failing people for no reason, even when they have the correct code, and I think that’s what’s causing you to not be passed right now. Could you try waiting a few days, then come back to this exercise and see if it’s working then?

Some people also say resetting the exercise works for them.

Hi Zystvan,

Thanks for help. Ok, I can wait a few days, it’s not a problem.

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Hi Zystvan,

You didn’t forget about me, did you? :slight_smile:
My code is still not correct.

Hey, I saw your code and it worked for me. Not sure if you included this but try adding the <% end %> I hope it helps!

<%= @actors.each do |a|%>
<div class="actor">
  <!-- actor image -->
  <%= a.image %>
  <h3 class="actor-name"> <%= a.first_name %> <%= a.last_name %></h3>
  <p class="actor-bio"> <%= %>  </p>
	<% end %>

@arturgudiev No, I didn’t forget :slight_smile:

Does @sitra_achra’s suggestion work for you?

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Yes, it works!!
Thank you! =)

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