Error in Learn Intermediate Python 3, Resource Management, Context Managers Quiz

There is an error; it should say this:
True Or False: The with statement ensures that all resources are properly closed after after being used.
If that is no what the question is meant to be then I should have got it right. So that I can pass I am going to choose the wrong answer to pass.
Note: What topic should I categorize this topic?
It’s a more advanced thing than other lots of other topics.
In fact in this course there has been spelling errors, other code errors or other errors in this course maybe quite regularly(normally about more than 2 in each lesson: maybe).

I’ve found another error:

That is invalid which is what the question asked me. It should have a with in front of ContextManagerB('fileB.txt', 'a') as B:
Here was the question:

In fact the last which was the one after my choosen one was a not valid way also. But my answer was not a valid way also. Why is there 2 correct answers?
Last option which is also a correct answer.

Why does this quiz have so many errors? :frowning_face: :slightly_frowning_face: :sob: :crying_cat_face: :cry:

I’ve moved this to community>>bug reporting.

Why do sometimes I see a red line and a white box above posts that says last visit like above this post:

How to you make the red line or is it automatic?
After I sent this post the last visit sign was gone.