Error in font-weight_bold_css visual rules

cannot understand where my mistake is. The istruction says:
In style.css, set the font weight of paragraph elements to bold.

The simple thing, but when I am doing so, the error is occured. Dozen of times

Hi @aizada.toma,

There seemed to be some issue with this particular step. The matter had been posted a couple of times by other users but not everyone. Maybe different browsers, cache, etc could be all sorts of different reasons, who knows.

From the look of your screenshot, your code is all right. You did set the p selector to bold, although the error is saying you should set it around line 32, I don’t think that’s the real problem.

If you’re stuck, I would suggest you keep hitting the Run button until you receive a “Get Code” to help you pass this step. That’s all I can suggest.

Cheers :slight_smile:


Thank you so much !

I got the code and continue - I spent more that 40 minutes on this bug yesterday

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Forty minutes spent reading is never lost. As you discovered, when the solution unfolded you were prompt to discover it. Nothing is lost if you learn something.