Error in First Three Multiples

Even if it i define function before main function why this error is prompted( Is first_three_multiples() defined?)

I think something wrong with compiler…please resolve this errorCapture1

Both functions are correct…

Hello, @pranavjoshi514349753, and welcome to the forums.

I was able to replicate the SCT error shown in your post. The SCT for this challenge is expecting a space between <int> and first_three_multiples.

I am also using visual studio 2017 IDE for checking whether my code produce any compile time error but it can’t show any.(i.e space/white space between <int> and first_three_multiples .)
I don’t know but in any compiler this should not be a problem.

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It’s not an actual error per se’. The Submission Correctness Test for the exercise is looking for a function named first_three_multiples. Without the space preceding the name, it cannot find it. Whoever wrote the SCT for the lesson didn’t account for learners leaving the space out. Feel free to submit a bug report if you like, and perhaps the course designer will consider your suggestion.