Error in Example Code in Learn Java: ArrayLists Lesson

In Learn Java: ArrayLists, Accessing Index, there is an error or typo in the example code given in the explaination.

The example code given is as follows:

ArrayList<String> shoppingCart = new ArrayList<shoppingCart>();

shoppingCart.add("Trench Coat");
shoppingCart.add("Tweed Houndstooth Hat");
shoppingCart.add("Magnifying Glass");


In this code the second set of angular brackets contain shoppingCart, but I think they should contain String, like with the first set. I tried testing the code as given to see if it would work and it gave an error, but when I made the change I mentioned it functioned as the explaination said it would (prints out Magnifying Glass).

To be clear, this is found in the explaination on the left, not the pre-written code in the middle.

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Hi, thanks for reporting this.

Iā€™ll take a look shortly and come back to you. :slight_smile:

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