Error: HTML Basics II Lesson 3 Line 2 - Typo

  1. On lines 9 – 11, we wrap (i.e. surround) each individual item with <li> and </li> tags.

Should be 9-12.

can you please paste in the code then I can help

Just a small error in the instruction of the exercise nothing very nasty @zainabrawat

Yeah, just an instruction typo. Sorry to post something so basic, I would just feel wrong if I didn’t report it.

@driuft sorry I read your post fast and misunderstood it I thought you needed help :slightly_smiling:
Thanks for informing

It’s okay, thanks for wanting to help!

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@driuft, could you please add a link to the exercise with the typo?


@albionsrefuge, absolutely. Here you go! Line 02.