Error Guidance in Express.js Tutorial

I’m currently completing the Express.js tutorial, and I’ve had a few issues with how the design logs errors.

In other tutorials, if there was an error in my code, the black/red error box would pop up with a list of errors or guidance. In this Express tutorial, it just says that my answer is wrong on the left side in the question area.

The error box is very useful for debugging my code, and it seems like the person who created the Express tutorial didn’t put in many test cases to catch my code which is wrong.

Just a suggestion but it may be worth looking over and adding more test cases or catches in the tutorial.



There aren’t many test cases to catch my wrong code in the Express tutorial, making it difficult for me to debug, especially when I’m off by one of a character, etc… causing me to use the solution almost every time.

More test cases or catches would be useful. Just a thought.

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Hi, I totally agree with this. It’s super hard to get how things work properly and what i’m doing wrong. i’m very disappointed with express lessons so far. I hope they would improve them.