Error creating conditional sentences if - Boolean - Relational Operators II in Python

Please help me, what am I doing wrong?

I think the error message is slightly off, your condition looks fine, but the string you print doesn’t. you wrote nember instead of numbers

Is that what you mean? If that’s the case, it will still give the wrong result

that is not what I meant at all. if x == y was correct, my concern was with the string you print when the condition is true. The string you print differs from the string the exercise asks you to print

I have already entered the string according to the required topic, but I don’t quite understand what you mean

Honestly, I’m a newbie with limited knowledge, hope you can help

you have not, you still have a typo/spelling problem with the word numbers (you wrote: nembers)

just copy paste the string from the instructions, these errors aren’t worth your time.

Thank you very much, wish you a lot of luck in life