Error= cannot tell cwd and fatal:unable to read current working directory


nothing is getting executed !!! please help


What are you trying to do, what commands are you entering in attempt to make that happen and what happens when you do?


I tried typing git init and git add scene-5.txt


That's about a third what I asked :confused:


initially it was working fine and now when Iam doing all the exercises again ..every command that I enter gives an error.. it says "unable to read current working directory"


What are the file permissions for that directory?

eg. you'd do this:

$ git init  # confirm that the problem is still there
$ getfacl .  # check file permissions

And post the output of those two commands

Might as well throw in the output of pwd too

$ pwd


ok This is the error i am getting even after resetting the exercise.
8/10 fatal: Unable to read current working directory: No such file or directory


close the bash file and click on new session... this worked for me.. might work for you as well :v: