Erorrs with object methods

Hello Guys i did the meal maker project but i still get some erorrs. I don know where they are, as i also looked up the video. Can you please take a look over and help me :slight_smile:
Thank you

const menu = {
_meal: “”,
_price: 0,

set meal (mealToCheck){
if(typeof mealToCheck === ‘string’){
return this._meal === mealToCheck;

set price (priceToCheck){
if (typeof priceToCheck ===‘number’){
return this.price = priceToCheck;

get todaysSpecial(){
if(this._meal && this._price){
return Today’s Special is ${this._meal} for &{this._price}! ;
} else{
return ‘Meal or price was not set correctly!’


menu.meal = ‘pizza’;
menu.price = 8;

return this._meal === mealToCheck; 
// should be assignment instead of comparison
return this._meal = mealToCheck;

return this.price = priceToCheck;
// should be
return this._price = priceToCheck;
// otherwise you will recurse calling the price setter over and over

// Missing comma after the price setter
set price(priceToCheck) { 
},      <---------- Comma here

return `Today’s Special is ${this._meal} for &{this._price}!` ;
// should be
return `Today’s Special is ${this._meal} for ${this._price}!` ;
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Setters don’t need to return. The backing variable is set in object context.


You are correct.