Equal values , different outputs ? array.shift()

Hello everyone,

So , this should be a very simple question.

I have set this variable named ShortGroceryList = groceryList.shift(). I was expecting the same value to be the output when I log both in different console.log statement but that’s not what happens,

The output on the screen goes like this :

orange juice when I log => console.log(ShortgroceryList)


bananas when I log =>console.log(groceryList.shift())

why do you expect the same output? Each time you call shift, the first element is removed from the array. you call .shift() twice.


Remember that .shift() removes the first element of an array.

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Hey ! Thank you for the quick response guys .

I see , so that means this method cuts a piece of the array each time I call him , right ?

If i call it 3 times he will cut off the first 3 elements of the array . Correct?

yes :slight_smile:

If the working of a method or function is unclear, there is always documentation. For JS, MDN is good, so if i google:

javascript shift

i get:


as first search result. Which includes explanation and example.