Envrionment lesson never progresses

Currently trying to complete the very first part of the Environment lesson.

There is no code, sadly: after I type ‘nano hello.txt’ and press enter, the exercise never progresses.

Forever stuck here:

I’ve tried retyping it and hitting enter, I’ve tried closing the terminal and reopening it, I’ve tried entering other things to try to get it to give me a red X, and I’ve tried waiting. It does not seem to ever do anything but continue to circle. Any ideas?

Got exact same problem here. Any admin that can fix this?

i got the same problem here, Any help?

UPDATE: I tried doing other course, and mid way, this course works just fine.
If you are stuck here, try doing some other course, then come back here mid course.
Hope this helps

same issue here as well wondering if some one could fix this for me

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