Environment Variables Step 2


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After I type in export PS1=">>" i try to save it, enter the file name, exit and clear and get nothing
Ive tried the Control-O; Enter; Control-X and clear method and its not working. Please help

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I’m confused, which one of those is giving you trouble?
And when you say “not working”, what happens instead? And what would “working” mean?

Saving it is giving me problems
and it just duplicates the export PS1 thing when i press Control-O

You are being far too vague. I do not understand what the problem is.

So far I have this:
There is a problem related to saving.
Something is duplicated.

You have to make it abundantly clear what you are seeing if someone who is only reading your description is to get an understanding of the problem.

The only advice I can offer is to carefully consider what you expect to happen with each command you perform and compare everything you see to those expectations. Keep in mind that you are dealing with interactive tools, they are often displaying information or asking for information from you. When programs interact with you, you have to read what it says and use that information to continue.

If nano is confusing to you and you don’t know what is going on at all, then first consider how “normal” text editors behave and consider if nano isn’t doing the exact thing. You might also want to look for some kind of tutorial on how to use nano. It is supposed to be self-explaining but perhaps something is really tripping you up.

But the big thing to bring with you here is that you must make much more detailed observations because those observations are how you figure out what is happening and what you need to do.

For somebody else to be able to understand what you describe you will generally need to explain in sufficient detail that they can reproduce the problem.

If it can’t be reproduced by the other person, then even more detail is required, since they are no longer able to make their own observations.

The line tells me to type (export PS1=">> ") minus the parantheses
I type said command, and then it tells me to save it, press enter to write the filename, exit nano, and clear the terminal window
When I attempt to save it using the Control-O method it just duplicates the command, thus not allowing me to write the filename, exit nano, etc.
Essentially i wanna know if im just reading the command wrong or Im adding something unnecessary

i got it, i logged off so i had to retype the nano ~/.bash_profile
thanks for trying to help with my vague questions lmao, ill work on that in the future



That is asking for a file name and is already suggesting the name of the file I opened when starting nano. That’s the closest thing I can imagine that remotely fits your description of “command is duplicated”.

I don’t know what you’re seeing and how that is different from what you expect. I still have nothing to go by.

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