Environment - 3. Bash Profile


I followed the steps until the second step. That are my commands in order:
nano ~/.bash_profile
I am now in the nano terminal and ther stands:

echo "Welcome Jane Doe"
alias pd=“pwd”

With Strg + O I save the file with the name: /home/ccuser/.bash_profile

and exit the terminal with Strg +X.

Now I clear the terminal and write down: source ~/.bash_profile
but cmd tells me, that ther is no such file or directory.

Do I did something wrong or did I miss something?

(Sorry for my bad english)


I am having the exact issue you describe.


delete the welcome line. leave only:

alias pd=“pwd”

this worked for me


Had the same problem. Kept on trying until I managed to move to the next stage. I really do not understand what I did.


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