Entry level data analyst positions?

How much experience does one need to get an entry level data analyst positions?

I’d like to get myself a half-decent career, and I’m stuck for options.


Look at job postings for jobs you want. What are the requirements? Do you meet more than half of them? Apply!

If you start seeing a trend in what is required for those jobs and you don’t meet the requirements, map out what you need to learn or do to meet them. Figure out your strengths and weaknesses or likes and dislikes and adjust your goal from there.

This is a pretty common question from people learning web development so google around for some articles talking about getting your first web dev/programming job and the basic ideas still apply.


That’s a really good approach @zomblake and would definitely recommend it.

If you’re struggling to get your foot in the door i’d also recommend seeing if there’s any local data analyst jobs you could do before you aim for the big corps; or see if there are any open source projects looking for data analysts who would work for free. You won’t get any money from it but you’ll get a lot of real world experience to write on your CV/talk about in interviews.