Enthusiasm for the code

Hi Guys,

So although asking for motivation from the internet is not really something i would previously have done, but desperate needs and all that.

My background in tech is currently network centric with a lot of my experience around Cisco and Checkpoint. With that in mind and the need to develop i have wanted to learn a programming language if nothing else to increase my tech repertoire.

My problem and reason for the post is i dont seem to be able to keep the enthusiasm and therefor push forward with programming. It maybe i have tried the wrong language to learn I have tried a few different sources, but nothing is sticking or keeping my interest.

The language i have tried is python as it seems to be the most appropriate to help with networking scenarios. Some of the things i would like to do is analyse spreadsheets full of firewall rules for exporting onto different devices or standardising build projects.

Although i appreciate this is not a forum for networking problems, it would be very helpful if advice could be provided to help peek and keep interest and develop programming skills.

thanks in advance.


No hardship no reward.

Lol not so much the motivation you were looking for, but based on my experience with coding I can tell you one thing. The nights will be long, the errors very many, but the breakthroughs and success stories though rare in their nature are absolutely worth it and give back ten fold. Nothing not even getting paid for a job will take the feeling knowing that code YOU wrote works. So keep at it @asparkes and be sure that there is a community of able helpers ready to be of assistance in any way.