Entering commands in the window provided


I am entering the command in the window provided but nothing is happening


Can you tell us which exercise and what command are you trying?


you can't enter any command in the SQL editor to get started


I'm having (potentially) the same issue. I click Run and get the spinning wheel of death.

I can get through 1.3 Statements by leaving off the semi-colon, but 1.4 Create either fails without the semi-colon or hangs with it.


Are you saying that you are unable to type in the editor? Like this:


Could you show us the command that you are using.

ps. You really do need the semicolons :smile:




Few others mentioning same issue in Java and Javascript forums, so I'm presuming a server is down somewhere. I'm also now called "boardrockstar66694" which I can promise wasn't my name last week...



I'm getting the spinning wheel too. Time to go outside :smile:


Me too -- create table freezes and never runs.


Same here. The wheels on the site go round and round....


Use the "Report a Bug" tool, someone will eventually notice.


Same problem with me. Run just leaves it loading. I've tried refreshing, different browsers, deleting the response and re-entering, leaving it for 30 minutes uninterrupted. Nothing works. I reported the bug as well, so hopefully they will fix it tomorrow.


I left off the semi colon and it worked!



I solve this problem use your method and why they have not fixed this bug?


Make sure to use the "Report a Bug" tool in the exercise.


I'm just getting started here and am unable to type in the editor, can you please guide me?

Someone suggested I move my cursor until a text box appears, but I assure you nothing is happening. I'm using Chrome, unsure of the version.



You've quoted a screenshot of my page, but if you could post a screenshot of your page that would be more helpful. We could see what you see.


yes i'am not able to type in the editor. can u please help me?


Please post a screenshot of your entire web page so we can see what you see.


I'm having the same problem. My screen looks like this:

And as far as I can tell there's no way for me to type anything anywhere in the interface