Enhancing Web Scraping Module

So far I’ve been going through the Data Science Career Path and everything has been greatly informative and helpful. This sites interactive teaching style has been incredible overall as well. However, I really hit a wall with the module for web scraping. It wasn’t entirely informative at parts, and certain aspects were unintuitive. It also may have some bugs. I didn’t really know where else to go to present this, but overall this site has been great. I just thought I’d add this to hopefully bring attention to help the Codecademy team improve this module.

Specifically, what parts of instruction or which questions did you have issues with? Examples will help especially with the bugs.

I will also add that I think it helps if one has a familiarity with the DOM (document object module) & how to navigate around it before starting this part of the path. I can’t recall if that is even discussed (?)

The 3 bugs I noticed right away were:

that at one point, I’m not sure what slide, it was saying the script had moved and I couldn’t input anything.

Any point when I went to click on the info for the turtles, the back button does work. Not huge.

At one point again, I don’t remember the slide, I had the same exact code as the solution and it said it was wrong. I had to replace my code with the solution code and that finally allowed me to continue on.