Ending Up?


I keep getting an error that says "Oops, try again. Did you accidentally delete the word variable?


I think you don't need +first+pyg on new_word. Have you tried without it? Seems to me like instructions just wants you to slice the word without adding anything.


First you need to assign new_word the value = word+first+pyg (do this above line 7)
Then change your code on line 7 (should be line 8 now) to the line below:
new_word = new_word[1:len(new_word)]
This should fix it


I used the exact same code you did to check it all out, using the word 'Final' to test it. It ran through a-okay. I tried it with 'butts', the word you used, and it gave me a different error altogether. I used capital Butts, lowercase final, and it only seems to give me an issue with your word.


Now, hilariously, it won't work regardless of why I type into it, asking me if I also deleted the variable. I am growing more confused as to exactly what is going on here.


Alright! I fixed it finally. So it's not asking if you deleted the word 'variable', it's asking if you deleted the 'word' variable, IE, 'word =' bit. Replace all mention of 'original' in your code with 'word' and it should all piece together without any more hiccups. I hope this helped.


So, i attempted to fix the issue as you said, and at first i thought it worked, as the viewer seemed to start up fine, but when i entered the word, i got back a *different * error.