Ending Up error


Can any one help me rectifying this error:


Not sure why you have new_word[1:8] and print new_word[1:4] in your code.
Error message says to set new_word[1:len(new_word)](the slice) equal to new_word. And then you just print new_word.


please send the code in proper format ,seems like one you told is not working.


I don't see you do this.
And I can't send you the solution. It's against the guidelines.


Bro I have to input a word which contain ay but none of them are working what should i do?


I can't really help you with the information you provided. This is someone's thread.
Create a new one, provide link to lesson you're stuck on, share your code and problem. We'll help you from there.


Here is the error I am landing into after trying.


I Figured the way out now ,,,thank you for your help

Below was the code I made a change.


print new_word


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