End of my 3 months journey!

Fellow Cadecadian,
It’s been 3 month since I join this awesome platform. Thanks to Codecademy Scholarship Program to join pro! It was such a mind-blowing response from Codecademy authority to fight this Covid pandemic.
But like a fairy-tale now it’s come to the end point. I’m feeling heavy and sad but at the same time I’m excited! Because in those past months I’ve fallen in love with coding. I was a complete newbie. Knew almost nothing about web dev. world. In fact I got to know about codecademy in one of those Google search. I’ve tried freecodecamp before but couldn’t adopt the platform. With codecademy the story is different. I like almost everything about this platform. Such lively community, helpful moderator, world-class content and so on! I really enjoyed learning here.

Considering my background and financial condition, I might never knew what it really feels to learn from a world-class platform. But I did! And the credit goes to Codecademy. Now I feel different, confident and ready to take upcoming challenges. I learnt nothing fancy in these months, but got a clear idea on what to learn and how to learn. I now know I can do work on my dream. Most importantly I know I can be a developer!
I hope my detachment from codecademy will not be permanent but temporary. I’ll try my best to comeback here.

For other fellow learner, I want to say, Coding is hard, but coding is love too when you have the mindset to practice regularly with amazing support system. So, work hard on your reason and make the best use of this awesome platform.
Goodbye Codecademy Pro. It’s been a nice journey with you to discover web dev world.


Today i also have completed my 2 Months. I’m scared if i will be able to do everything i want to Learn. But i will still go on.


You are here to learn, not to chase! Don’t get burnout.

Good luck with the next chapter in your learning path!

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Thank you. Will be back again

My streak is now 54days…
I’m forever grateful for codecademy.
I’ve really learnt alot.


My free 3 month period ended a month ago. I really enjoyed this platform and actually learned a lot. I ended up buying Pro because I felt its a good investment. I hope I end up using what I learned.

Well its time for me to get back to coding. :smiley: