End of career path is super dissapointing


so I just finished the Web Development career path and I really loved it!
However, the end of the career path is super disappointing! The certificate does not look too appealing and after finishing the last exercise you would expect some kind of animations or some kind of dedicated page where one is being redirected. Maybe a page that shows a video where you just get congratulated on finishing this long course. This page could also include the final certificate because at the moment after finishing you are being forwarded to the main page of the career path. And to get your certificate you need to go to your profile and search for it. Just from a UX perspective it would have been much nicer to be automatically forwarded to the certificate or get an option to download the certificate. And in general, you could also give people some advice on what they could do after the path such as projects they could work on or give advice on how to apply for a job as developer. I think that you can improve on this final point. Anyway, I really love the course and I think it was great! By the way, it is also a pity that there is not even a feedback form that can be filled out by participants at the end of course. I am sure you would get a lot of good input. I hope this is the right place to provide such a feedback!

Cheers :slight_smile:

Hello! This is great feedback and I’m both happy and somewhat sad given the timing to tell you that we’re pushing an update to this experience live this afternoon to 50% of learners (100% by EOW) so 1) we fixed it! 2) you just missed the cut on the new experience.

It doesn’t have everything that you were asking for, but it does have an easier method of access to the certificate, an article on what to do next, and stuff like that. :slight_smile:


I agree with the certificate being a bit lackluster. I still very much appreciate having received one, though.

Crossing my fingers with this coming update.


I am happy to hear that! That are great news!!! Thank you for all the effort that you are putting into the platform! Really love it!