End of a course



I would like to know if I will receive some kind of certificate if I pass successfully a certain course?


for pro-intensive course certificates exist, for other courses there are no certificates. The certificates would be worthless.

You could have just copied pasted all the answers from the internet or used the get solution button (nearly) every time. So the certificate wouldn’t hold any value, as such, certificates do not exist

now, i don’t believe you cheated your way through, but there no way a further employer could verify that

what is more valuable, is building stuff with what you learned. This you could show to a further employer and say: See, this is what i did. So that is what i would recommend, build a portfolio.


No offence, but there should be a little more than just little confetti over a course you finished. Looking at your project and saying “Wow, I made that” is a huge sense of satisfaction, but a little more of a “Congratulations” would be nice. Wait, you can’t change that. Guess ill go tell this to some staff.


that is a different question entirely, the problem with actual certificates would be that people would use it trying to get a job, seen that with w3schools, that often doesn’t go very well

more recognition would be possible.

however, when i finished the course i was also: Woohoo, huge achievement. Now, several years later i realize that codecademy is a good first step, but that there is much more to learn, which is why i am now more neutral about something like a certificate.


Is there a section on the site that discusses necessary certificates to get certain jobs? I have no idea how that works.


no, there is no such thing on the codecademy forum