Encryptor App built with ReactJS

Hello everyone, it’s nice to meet you! :grin:

I’m not going to brag a lot, cause this is my first ever project built with React.
It’s kinda one step away from hello world, despite my attempt to use some additinal features.
So, I’d be happy if you come check it, even better if you’ll find something usefull for your projects, or maybe you’ll get interested in the idea and then try to re-create it in your own way.

URL: https://ibgwiki.site/projects/encryptor/
Source on GitHub: https://github.com/IsleBeeGun/encryptor

:question: What is it:

It’s a simple website, where you can encrypt text messages with unique passwords.

:gear: What is used in this project:

:wrench: How to use it:

First of all, you need to input your secret key-word into the password field.
Then, you can either encrypt your text, or decrypt previously encrypted text.

:lock: For encryption:

Place your text into the green area under “Normal Text” label, receive encrypted text in the red area, under “Encrypted Text” label.

:unlock: For decryption:

Place your previously encrypted text into the red area, under “Encrypted Text” label, receive decrypted text in the green area under “Normal Text” label.

:loudspeaker: Also notice:

You can change your password/key-word anytime you like, but the changes won’t appear immediately. In order to see changes, you should continue typing inside “Normal Text” or “Encrypted Text” field, you’ll see your text rearranged by new password shortly after.

:exclamation: It is also recommended to use latin characters in password, as I didn’t use any error handling or password checking :sweat_smile:. Using other characters may result in error, due to algorithm’s specifics.

:trophy: Credit:

Great thanks to Codecademy team, especially for Ravenous project walkthrough, which is the main reason I’ve managed to complete this project (with some bugs probably :joy:)

I would also like to thank the Community and every dev team which provided such great tools with MIT licenses, and also to thank you, for your attention!!! :wink:

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me (islebeegun@gmail.com), I’d be glad to help.

Enjoy the rest of the day and Cheers!