Encountering indentation error - Python (Area Calculator)


When I attempt to run the script I receive and indentation error (unident does not match any outer indentation level) on line 20 (area = pi * radius**2). I've messed with trying to fix the indentation levels by backspacing to previous lines, etc but it is not working and I do not know how to correct the issue. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.


Check this line, You misspelled something ?

print "The current time is: %s%s%s %s%s" % (now.moth, now.day, now.year, now.hour, now.minute)

you mixed tabs and spaces together while indentation, even they look at same level they are not same spaces.
So just go through each line of your if -block and elif- block , unindent them then indent each line of code by 4-space bars. Remember every line of code in each block should be on same level of indentation.


print ("Area: &.2f. \n%s" % (area,hint))

what & doing there ?


Thank you for your assistance. I made all of the updates and they work.


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