Enable 2 step verification on these forums

Discourse now supports 2 step verification (2FA). Can you enable this on here on these forums, please? Thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:

Is this a native feature? Or one that requires an external plugin?

Actually, either way it doesn’t matter as it uses auth from the Codecademy site itself. Will talk to staff and see if there are any plans for this in the future, and get back to you.

I am not entirely sure, @alexcraig, but this is about https://meta.discourse.org/t/two-factor-local-login-proposal/76689/37

I see this setup on many other Discourse instances.

Yeah you’ll see from the edit that it won’t be possible for a while. Discuss uses Codecademy for authentication, so it won’t be available till the main Codecademy site enables 2FA. I’ve asked and this isn’t a priority feature planned for the immediate future, but is being considered longer term.

Thanks for keeping us posted, Alex!

I just realized that there was an edit. I replied earlier via email. :blush:

Hoping to see Codeacademy support 2FA one day!

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