Emulator hangs

Here’s where I’m at: https://www.codecademy.com/courses/learn-ruby/lessons/control-flow-in-ruby/exercises/equal-or-not

And this is my story:
Since the “program” as stated didn’t do anything except declare two variables, I decided to include an if/else block with print statements to show some results. Nothing I tried worked. Pressing RUN did nothing except change the RUN button to a pinwheel (which I found out can be stopped by editing a single letter [any letter] in the program). In desperation I finally commented out everything except a single line, PRINT “X” and pressed RUN again. Nothing.

I copied the program, as is, to the clipboard and exited out of Codeacademy. I then logged in fresh and pasted my program into the editor and pressed RUN. Sure enough, X appeared in the output panel.

So, apparently the RUBY emulator had choked on something without my knowledge and I wasted my time and mental quiescence until I figured it out.

Is this worth it? I realize it’s free but if this is any indication of the stability of this emulator, why bother?

I downloaded and installed “rubyinstaller-devkit-2.6.6-1-x64.exe” but don’t know what to do with it. When I run it I get a DOS command box and nothing else. If anyone knows where I go from here, I’appreciate knowing.

Thanks for listening.

It is.

I just tried a simple if else statement, and it worked perfectly.

Now I’m not saying that the learning environment is faultless. Sometimes errors do appear, but we move past it, and on we go. Other times, though, crashes happen of our own doing (infinite loops, for example).

This is a huge part of programming. Debugging, figuring things out. I understand your frustration, I do, but as in any software, none’s perfect. You’ll most likely end up writing long lines of code that you’ll spend hours debugging. It’s part of the game.

Out of curiosity, which browser are you using?

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Copied from Chrome:About:
Google Chrome is up to date
Version 81.0.4044.113 (Official Build) (64-bit).

I really appreciate your reply ghostlovescore. You showed amazing patience with someone who was obviously very pissed off.

I don’t mind debugging my code, in fact I rather enjoy it. But, debugging only to find out that there was nothing wrong with the code to begin with is just wrong. As you might expect, I’m new to using CodeAcademy and don’t really know what to expect. Is there some way to test the emulator to see if it’s still running? I would hate to have to copy my code to the clipboard, restart the emulator, paste the code back in and try running it again.

Regarding my mention of the package I downloaded. Any idea of how to use it? If you’re not familiar with it, that’s ok.

Again, thanks for you prompt reply and your understanding.

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