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that is what the forum is for, what is your question?


Well, I assume I'm having a similar issue, so... guess it'd be a waste of a thread.

whenever I try to submit code, it gives an error saying I didn't fill the p tags, despite them clearly having writing in them. Is there a certain amount of text that needs to be added? I only have 2 sentences in each tag.


if you edit/update your question, leave a reply so i get a notification. Your code is not visible, take the following steps to make it visible:

<!DOCTYPE html> 
May god have mercy on all those who witness this monstrosity.
As it stands, this apparently is non-existent
what cha gonna do


there are two answers here: the first one is that your second paragraph opening tag is uppercase, this should be lowercase (<P> doesn't match <p>). that should be enough for you to pass the exercise, the second answer is that for the same reason (case sensitive) your <Title> doesn't match with your </title>, i recommend to make all html tags (except for <!DOCTYPE html>) to make them lowercase

one more thing, title should simple be:


i am not sure why you have a equal sign and name in the opening title tag


Hi I have the same problem as the last writer. Can you help me please?

<!DOCTYPE html>
<p><h2>VISION</h2> </p>
<p><h3>En Sumaqsimi “Nos preocupamos por ti” buscamos establecernos como uno de los principales centros de salud oral, mediante la obtención del prototipo ideal en atención al cliente la cual estará compuesta por una óptima calidad, seguimiento de los estándares de bioseguridad, vanguardia en nuestros tratamientos, perfeccionamiento constante, competitividad y liderazgo. La ética e integridad serán los valores distintivos de nuestra empresa y tu salud nuestra principal preocupación.</h3></p>
<p><h3>En Sumaqsimi “Nos preocupamos por ti” estamos comprometidos en brindar una atención personalizada e integral en salud oral a todos nuestros clientes a través de prestaciones de prooductos y servicios con óptima calidad, mejorando los estándares de salud oral de la comunidad.</h3></p>
<p><h4> Visítenos, estamos ubicados en Calle Los Sauces #12, en el distrito de San Juan de Miraflores, para mayor información comuníquese al: (51-1) 258-1172.</h4></p>


you shouldn't nest headings in paragraphs, the paragraphs should be below the headings:

<p>i am paragraph</p>

paragraphs aren't designed to hold/nest headings, and headings aren't designed to hold/nest paragraphs


Thank you so much! :smile:


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