Empty p tags


I am struck in build your own webpage.
I tried a lot with the problem of empty p tags but all in vain, again and again it is showing the same thing please help me.

<!DOCTYPE html>
          <body><h1>"LEARNING HTML"</h1>
                <P> "At first i was not knowing what is html                  .</p>
                <p>But now i came to know about this. </p>
                <p>And trying to learn more as i can.</p>
                <p>It is a great learning all through.</p>
                <p>I started loving to learn html.</p> 
                <P>This made me learn lot about html and i                    have learned a lot about it.</p>

let me know waht is problem?


re-edit your Post

  • leave one blank-line above of your code
  • select your code in the Post
  • then =click= on the </>-symbol-of-this-editor

Your code will then be in a pre-code state
and you will be able to make/present the proper indentations.

With Courtesy to stetim94

or even better use
= https://discuss.codecademy.com/t/how-do-i-format-code-in-my-posts/28351


html is case sensitive, make sure all paragraphs tags are lowercase


Thank you for the correction!


thanks for the correction, it really worked for me....