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Hello Coders!
I am having a problem with the new Emojicode Course on Codecademy. When trying to type the emoji, I use the Windows Key + Period keyboard shortcut as instructed. I search “exclamation point” in the emoji search. As expected, the :exclamation: emoji comes up as one of the results. When I put this emoji into the code and run it, Codecademy says:

Did you forget the :exclamation: at the end of the print statement?

Even though the terminal produces the correct output.

Here's my code and a screenshot:

Thanks everybody and stay safe!

~ @shanecode9

Hello! Check the smile emoticon at the start of the print statement-it looks a bit off (that might just be due to the screenshot). Sometimes CC will throw an error pointing you to one thing, but in actual fact that isn’t the issue.

I’ve completed this course, and yes, there is an issue with the :exclamation: emoji that the Windows keyboard provides. A workaround would be to copy and paste only that emoji from the instructions/hints.


There’s no error there, it’s specifically specifying the exclamation point emoji.

What if the instructions are just telling you to make a print statement? (No example)

Yeah, it is. Sorry it’s blurry.

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You would use :grinning::exclamation: to create a print statement, with whatever you’d like to print in between. Hope this helps!

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How would you copy the exclamation point emoji if it’s not in the instructions?

I would try the hints or go back to a previous lesson. Unfortunately, this is the only workaround that doesn’t involve navigating outside of the lesson.

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Okay, thank you for your assistance @dr_victoria!

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No problem! Happy coding!