Emilchr's Portfolio Project

Hi, guys and girls!
Well, I really enjoyed this project! It was a bit hard to not let my self get carried away with features, so I just stuck with three javascript features. Can you find them all? Without snooping around my .js-file, of course :laughing:

I struggled a bit with getting the JS to interact with the DOM, but when I first figured it out the rest went on pretty easy.

I think I was done with the project in 14 hours, but I continued to fine-tune my portfolio for a couple of more hours.

Portfolio: https://emilchr.github.io/portfolio-emilchr/
GitHub Repo: https://github.com/emilchr/portfolio-emilchr

I’m grateful for all the feedback I can get!

In advance, thanks!

Great portfolio Emil!

Let me guess on the JS part :

  1. Dark mode
  2. Contact(onclick?)
  3. Projects(onclick as well?)

I’m no one to give a feeback, but I think the About Me button could have redirected somewhere. I actually tried to click it few times to see if it works :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback!

I’ll try to give the about button some visual feedback. The about button is the index.html :slight_smile:

Great job! The projects are details- and summary-tags in HTML :slight_smile:
You’re missing one JS feature :wink:

Nice Portfolio Emilchr.

To be honest I am a beginner myself but would love to see margins on sections of your portfolio to give a visual cue that it is indeed a different section. Also adding padding/margin after each heading helps as it emphasizes the heading while it will give more negative space on your website.

For sure after adding margins and paddings, your site will be longer in height. Looking forward to more projects in the future.

Thanks, @johnpatrickvicente ! Great feedback!
I will try to include this in a good way.

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