Embedded form refresh help?

In between working on my Codecademy work (super beginner), I’m trying to build my website in Showit. I have a “Stay in Touch” section and used the existing template code while just substituting my Mailchimp URL. It looks fine, but when I try to input text into the fields, it automatically reloads the page. Any help in solving this would be super appreciated. I’ve spent a few hours trying to figure it out on my own, but my knowledge is so limited still. My website is link in profile. Scroll down a bit to see the affected “Stay in Touch” area that I’m talking about. Thanks so much in advance!!

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Try this tutorial on setting up a MailChimp subscription form. Since it sounds like you did a quick copy-paste, there might be components missing, causing it to run whatever redirect code is built in prematurely.

Certainly, after reading through that tutorial, it appears there’s more going on in the background that you don’t visibly have set up. Starting from scratch (hold onto those styling rules, though!) might be the best course of action to make sure nothing gets overlooked.