Embedded Course Notes & Profile Notes

Hi Everyone,

I had an idea whilst just starting my Learn HTML course of having a section in the learning environment for specifically taking notes. As I am currently taking notes on TextEdit on my MacBook I find myself having to constantly keep tabbing in and out of the learning environment, which for me when I’m using it in full-screen is a little frustrating after a while and takes up quite a bit of time when I’m doing it over and over.

Perhaps it would be possible to have a section where users can write their own notes in the environment which can time/location stamp accordingly depending on which stage they’re at in the particular part so that they can easily recap what they have learned instead of having to manually go through the learning again page by page to find one small note or piece of work / code etc.

Also as a secondary idea, perhaps there could be a section on our user profiles specifically for ‘Notes’ where we can see a bit complication of all notes we have taken which can be filtered by course and part inside that course etc.

Please feel free to add anything onto my quick idea if anyone has anything extra.
Apologies if the idea has already been hatched.