Email Banner

Hey, I have a question as I’m stuck with a situation.

I need to create an email banner that is responsive (i.e. goes from mobile view to desktop view) with ease and I need to be able to use the code in exchange so that it can go to multiple people. I have some code at the moment but it’s not responsive. The banner for the email works in desktop view but when it goes into the mobile view, the code runs down the left hand side of the page.

The main issue that I have got with this is that I am only allowed to use HTML for this. I can use inline CSS but I’m not able to use javascript to my knowledge or use external sheets. What’s the best way forward from this situation?

(my background is websites so this feels like a completely different environment to me)

Here is the link to the coding I am currently using for this:

Any help is welcomed.


I suggest googling for solutions, because HTML and e-mail clients don’t go well together. Whereas there is a certain standardization in internet browsers, there is little with e-mail clients.

One hint:
Use tables.

Happy coding!