<em></em> tags


Yep... my code won't work. Please help!


    <table style="border-collapse:collapse;">
                <th colspan="2"; th style="color: red"><em>Famous Monsters by Birth Year</em></th>


two problems, you didn't not correctly add two attributes to the th tag, here is an example of two attributes to a image:

<img src="#" alt="my_image">

hopefully you can use that knowlegde to add style and colspan to <th>

now, you have 3 th tags:

famous monsters by birth year
famous monsters
birth year

now, you added the em tags to famous monsters by birth year, but you should have added the em tags to famous monsters and birth year a few lines below. Hope this helps


Ooh Thank you kindly. Much appreciated*


I don't quite understand this answer.. Sorry, could you please re explain?



i will answer your question here