Elseif and now elif?


Greetings everyone!

In the first lesson of "Control Flow: Switch" specifically on the "1. Glance at the past" part we were introduced to the elseif keyword and althought it didn't explain in what ways it was different from the if and else keywords I didn't have a hard time understanding what elseif does due to my JavaScript background. On the same lesson, on part "3. Switch Syntax" we are introduced to yet another keyword; elif. This is a direct quote from the lesson in question;

A switch statement is similar to an if / elif / else statement in that you can check multiple conditions.

So my question for you is what exactly is elif and does it differ in use from the elseif keyword, is it just a shortened version of elseif or is it just a typo?

Thanks in advance!


I think you may consider that one a typo. And if not, there shouldn't be a big difference.


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