Else if error( Did you write an else statement that logs 'Invalid moon phase'?)


My code:

let moonPhase=“nofull”;
else if(moonPhase===“mostly full”)
console.log(“Arms and legs are getting hairier”);
else if(moonPhase===“mostly new”)
console.log(“Back on two feet”);
console.log(“Invalid moon phase”);

any help???


Yes, link to the exercise please.

We need to be able to see what’s precisely being asked.




When copy/pasting your code, the quotation marks that you use don’t recognize the strings.

Yours appear like this: “ Howl! ”
When they should appear like this: " Howl! "

Once I changed that everything worked fine. What kind of keyboard are you using (country)?

Edit: My bad, it doesn’t work fine. You need to structure your code.

if (condition) {
else if (other condition) {
else {


i m currently using a dell laptop.


Anyway, the underlying problem here is the structure of the code, as per my example.

Did you get it to work?


No its not working!!!


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