Elif giving me a syntax error, What is wrong here?

Hey peeps,

I cant figure why the elif statment is giving me a syntax error. please see below;

def higher_lower(bet):

global money

c = list(range(1, 14))

h = list(range(1, 14))

d = list(range(1, 14))

s = list(range(1, 14))

deck = c + h + d + s

your_card = random.choice(deck)

their_card = random.choice(deck)

print(“you pulled out a “+str(your_card)+”!”)


print(“they pulled out a “+str(their_card)+”!”)


if your_card < their_card :

money -= bet

print("Sorry they beat you! you now have")

print(str(money+" left")

elif their_card < your_card :

money += bet

print("yes! Your card beat theirs, you now have")

print(str(money+" left.")

elif your_card == their_card :

print("What are the chances! a draw! All bets are off")

figured it out, was missing a second ) in the print statement above the elif