Elements and display: inline-block

Hi ! I’m using my own project as a sandbox to try all I[m learning, I’d like to fix the .contactt element, it works for most of the page with the exception of the .offer element. Don’t know what I’m doing wrong.
I’d also like to know how can I use : display:inline-block with 2 elements with different classes.
thanks a bunch in advance!


Hey @charly2023

For the .contact element, use right: 20px (or whatever distance you want) instead of left: 600px. This will position the contact button a specific distance from the right side.

I’d also suggest going through your code and resolving any errors (you can see the red dot at each line number with an error).

If you can elaborate on what you need with display:inline-block maybe we can help you.


thanks a lot ! Sorry it took me some time to answer. I’ll try everything you say and get back to you with a better description of what I want. Cheers!

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