Electric Mouse HP health bar not updating

I am having issues with the HP system not working in the electric mouse exercise, I have followed the code hints and replicated the code but still not subtracting 1 point each time that both of the characters attack in the attack mode. I am around step 18.
If anybody knows where the issue is would be really appreciated. Thank you.

Please see my code below: Click here

gameState.attackButton.on(‘pointerup’, () => {


  if (game.input.enabled) {

    // Add your code for Electric Mouse attacking below:

    let randomMove = Math.floor(Math.random() * 3);

    if(randomMove === 0) {

      // both attack

      gameState.information.text = `Ouch! You both lost 1 HP`;

      gameState.playerMove.text = 'Attack!';

      gameState.computerMove.text = 'Attack!';

      gameState.player.health -= 1;

      gameState.computer.health -= 1;

      gameState.computerHealthBar.text = `Hp: ${gameState.computer.health}`;

      gameState.playerHealthBar.text = `Hp: ${gameState.player.health}`;


      gameState.computerSprite.anims.play(gameState.computer.name + 'Attack');