El editor funciona mal cuando escribo caracteres del teclado español



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Cuando trato de escribir un carácter como una tilde, una ñ o ‘¡’ el editor mueve el cursor arriba, en vez de escribir el carácter. Esto no sucedía con el antiguo diseño de los cursos, el del año pasado, por ejemplo.

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The editor works badly when I write characters from the Spanish keyboard

When I try to write a character as a tilde, a ñ or ‘¡’ the editor moves the cursor up, instead of writing the character. This did not happen with the old design of the courses, last year, for example.

@arcrunner63459 Have you tried sending this in as a bug report? I suggest that you also share the link of this page as well – you can find the bug report under most exercises of Codecademy courses

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