Ejercicio 26



Hola! Estoy trabada con el ejercicio 26, me dice lo siguiente:
"¿Te acordaste de darle un atributo 'href' a tu enlace?" No entiendo qué está mal en este atributo...
Os dejo el código aquí debajo, no hagáis caso del texto :stuck_out_tongue:
Hi! I don't understand what is wrong with this exercice, they say me that I didn't give the atribute 'href' to my link... Here you have the code, thanks!

<!DOCTYPE html>
	<head>	<link type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" href="stylesheet.css"/>
	<p>qué tal?
	<p>bien, gracias. Sobretodo gracias a <a href=http://www.google.com>Google</a></p>
<img src ="https://www.google.es/images/branding/googlelogo/2x/googlelogo_color_272x92dp.png"></img>


You need to put quotation marks around the link to the website like this, "http://www.google.com" Hope this helped :slight_smile:

Es necesario poner entre comillas el enlace a la página web de esta manera, "http://www.google.com" Espero que esto ayudó a :slight_smile:


Image tag has only one tag <img>, like <link>. You have used a closing</img>. Try using only one<img src= "your url"/> tag, like this:

<img src ="https://www.google.es/images/branding/googlelogo/2x/googlelogo_color_272x92dp.png"/>

Agregá un enlace en tu página de HTML usando las etiquetas Texto de enlace (revisá “¿Te trabaste? Te damos un consejo” si necesitás recordar cómo se hace). ¡Tu enlace puede llevar al sitio que quieras!

<a href="https://www.google.co.uk/">Google</a> should be outside<p></p> , it's not a mistake but I think it will simplify the CSS part. See if that helps.

Didi se agrega nada a su archive CSS?


I didn't spot that, but now that you mention it I do see it.


I did not spot the " " quotation mark :slight_smile:


And I didn't spot the closing tag :slight_smile:


Hey, thanks for your quick answer! The only thing that didnt' work was to put the a href element after the /p. It puts the link in the next line...
Many thanks for your reply!


I just noticed a few more things; one, you don't need the <p></p> tag. However if you want the

tag, then you need to put the tag after it. Also in your css tab, you need to style your tag by giving it a color that the exercise tells you and setting its text-decoration to none.