Egg dropper challenge - hard problem

I’m struggling to get 14 with 100 floors and then working backwards for a formula, the best I’ve got is 19. I’ll put my method below but if anyone got any ideas I’d appreciate it.

this is how I did it to get 19. i messed around with different numbers and same method and 10 was the best

maybe implement some kind of binary search? There are plenty of examples on how to implement this with a simple google search

anyway, the idea is the following: there are 100 elements in the array, so split the list in the middle, check if the egg breaks at floor 50. if it broke, take the lower half (1 till 50) and go the middle of this list (so 25)

if it didn’t break, take the upper half (50 till 100) and go to the middle (75) and so forth.

this was my initial thought but you only have 2 eggs