Efficient learning

In my opinion processing of one course in one day is small cost-effective and much from that will not go down in memory, so I ask you how many lesson daily you make?

The numbers of lessons isn’t relevant, or at least not very relevant.

Its much more important to recap every once in a while, without instructions build something from what you learned so far, even recap things from the days before.

You don’t have to remember all the built-in functions you learned, you can find them in documentation. Its much more important to learn how to use them, and design programs.


Do you have an idea for the form of repeating? For example tasks or something in this style.

well, depending on the language you could find other sources to learn (sololearn, freecodecamp)

another good thing (after getting the basics) is to go to codewars and complete challenges, this will improve your programming skill, and surely it must be possible to repeat challenges on codewars

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I have last question to you. Registration on codewars is free?

Sorry another questions :slight_smile: How many programming languages can I learn? What are the combinations of programming languages for learning? AND FINAL QUESTION (really). Is on codeacademy C++ course?

yep, it is. I think the entire website is free

Why? Learning programming language is not very relevant, you will see they have many similarities, learn to program, so much more valuable

No, there is no c++ course on codecademy.

Thanks a lot for your help and patience :wink: