Effective Study Tips?

Trying to learn JavaScript in a short amount of time, about 4 months. Nothing advanced, just decent.
Does anyone have some study tips that could help me learn faster?

Don’t learn a language, learn concepts and learn to build, to be an architect.

learning any programming language is easy, it can be done in 2 weeks. By this i mean to learn the language itself

learning to program decent on the other hands, takes years.

In the beginning of course you have to learn the language, but don’t get stuck in it. Always make sure you have good goals and reflect on progress.


Hi @byterockstar55531,

Hope you don’t mind me just to chip in my two-cents a little.

Nothing advanced, just decent.

What’s advanced, what’s not, it’s quite subjective. If you have particular goal in mind and tell more about what you wish to accomplish, like what sort of projects (if you’re comfortable with sharing), a more concrete picture could enable more users to share their experiences/opinions with you.

Given your question is in CC forum, I’m assuming you are learning materials come from CC courses. (For this context, I shall just quote CC courses)

Generally, your goal is attainable. 4 months, nothing advanced (assuming just basic syntax and concepts?). I think it’s doable.

If you plan well with routine, say take 1 hour coding a day, assume 4 months (average 30 days per month), you will have 120 hours for coding. Say, if you want to have an off-day in a week, means 120 hours * (6/7) [6 days out of 7 days a week], you’d still have 102.86 hours. Let’s just make it a 100 hours challenge for approx. 4 months.

The suggested Introduction to JavaScript in CC course is 35 hours. Well, that again, it’s subjective, it depends on how fast the person can absorb and learn the concepts (no point speeding through the lessons, only to realized you don’t even understand the core principles). I think some may have spent less than a week to finish the course, some might take longer than months or stop half way. Again, it depends on the individual whether he/she has a programming background or coding experiences or the drive/motivation. Added in all JavaScript courses offered by CC:

  • Learn AngularJS 1.X
  • Learn ReactJS: Part I
  • Learn ReactJS: Part II
  • Introduction to jQuery
  • Learn Node-SQLite
  • Learn Express

That’s a total of 71 hours (estimated by CC). Theoretically, this is achievable through 100 hours. Given if you put your whole heart into this. But then, does that make you a decent JavaScript coder/developer? Read below.

Learning programming language is like learning any languages (human I mean). Take English for example, we learn the roman alphabets (a-z), what is vowel and consonant to form a word, we need vocabulary and grammar structure to form a sentence. To write we needs spaces and punctuation marks. Those are all required knowledge to understand and use the language.

Now, it comes to the question of how you want to use the language? What you want to achieve?

Scenarios (English language):

  • If you want to write a thesis - you need more formal and academical vocabs, verbose and convoluted at times, preferably error free.
  • If you want to write an essay for your homework - you can write it real long with all your thoughts and arguments or you can write it real short, preferably error free or just don’t care.
  • If you want to write a love letter - you would wish whoever who reads would be touched and fall for you with your choice of poetic and romantic words… or not.
  • If you just want to write a short note - like “I need food”, “food I need”, “coding I like”, you can just get away by knowing very few simple words of English.

The above, each of its own is a different level of difficulty based on what you wish to achieve.

So when you say decent. Just how decent you’d imagine you to be.

Let me give you an example:

If you think the link below is cool:

Then basically you just need the knowledge of HTML + a little CSS + Introduction of JavaScript. (Everything else not needed)

If you think you want to code a arcade Pong game with JavaScript:

Then basically you just need the knowledge of HTML + a little CSS + Introduction of JavaScript + knowledge of canvas drawing with <canvas> element of HTML5 with JavaScript

The two projects above are all doable within 4 months.

Few more projects with slightly more difficulty (deeper understanding of JavaScript [suggest reading an E-book about JavaScript components] + HTML + CSS + jQuery):

From two-cents turning into a long post, I hope it helps with your situation.

Tips wise, I don’t have much, other than don’t rush yourself over learning things, everyone has different pace. Learning faster does not mean you’re learning better. Take a break if or when you need it, speed it up when you’re more motivated. Some concepts are easier than others, the time to mull over them varies. Some people pick up faster and learning like a rocket, they’re doing real fine, good for them; Some pick up slower, need time to digest all the new information, that’s cool too. In the end, there’s no one to judge how far you can go, except you yourself with your goal in mind.

Set a realistic goal, work towards it, time is just one measurement of effort, in the end, what you can make with the knowledge will reflect better of what you have been learning. Even if in the future, you don’t make anything out of it, it’s fine, at the very least, you walked the path, experienced it, none will be wasted in your journey of life.



My group’s assignment is to make a game based on business. The game we have as of now is an rpg with basic elements with things like money colletion, dialogue, movement, and 2 random events.

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@byterockstar55531, I’m in no better position to help you out as my coding experience is not that vast. Still, I think it’s achievable. Do you need fancy graphics for your game? By cutting off graphics, you could really focus on your story line (expand it with different adventures) and make all that happen with JavaScript code without have to juggle between HTML elements and CSS, it’s considered text-based JavaScript RPG game, focus on getting the story engaging. You can use the links below for reference and get direction from:


But before that, finish up the Introduction to JavaScript track and understand those concepts deeply. Then come back to the links above and expand from there. That’s all what I can suggest and have in mind for you.

Good luck! :slight_smile:


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