Editor Role II Step 4

It will not let me sign in as the user designated. It keeps saying there is an Invalid Authenticity Token error. I can’t bring up any of the sites in the browser. None of this is working for me. And I can’t figure out how to ‘reset’ my cookies in Safari (last time I checked, there weren’t any saved by any site, not even this one). I cannot pass this course because the browser will not load correctly. And I can’t try a different browser type because this is not my personal computer and I can’t load other types onto it. Every other topic on this part is from over a year ago. Does nobody ever fix these bugs?


For some reason, every time it does this, it will pass me on the browser steps if I start the rails server in the terminal, but it still won’t allow me to interact with the site in the browser in any way, and won’t load any sites after the initial login site gets replaced by the error listed above.

Hi @kraemaer,

Do you have a <%= csrf_meta_tags %> line in your app/views/layouts/application.html.erb file?

I don’t know. It’s not one of the things they included anywhere in the lesson as either something to learn or something to do. Since it’s not something that was either taught or listed as necessary, it’s not something I should be responsable for taking care of, and should have been included by the person who designed the lesson, not me. Since I’ve already finished the lesson, I’m not inclined to go back and look, although, if anybody actually has any interest in fixing any of the multitude of problems on this site, feel free.

That line is generated automatically with the rest of the files, but sometimes people accidentally remove stuff as they go through the exercises. I’m not sure if you’re the first person to encounter this, but it’s at least a rare issue.

If you’re not willing to hunt down bugs, you’ll have a hard time as a programmer though.

http://guides.rubyonrails.org/ also has some great learning material for Rails if you’re interested; good luck!

I did not tamper with any of the files apart from the ones I was instructed to open. It’s hard to look for specific lines when I’m not taught what they mean or why they need to be included anywhere in the entire course.

Also, I am trying to learn this quickly, so I can find a job doing this. However, I am not being paid to fix your code for you.

It’s hard to look for specific lines when I’m not taught what they mean or why they need to be included anywhere in the entire course.

I’m not sure why it would be hard, since I told you exactly what to look for and what file to look for it in, but regardless, I hope your studying goes well.

If you find more bugs in the course, please report them through the form at the bottom of the instructions sidebar on the left.

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