Editor doesn't save files

I’m getting an extremely frustrating issue in various exercises in this lesson where the text editor will not save the files I am writing in, causing my changes to be lost.

Hi Carlos,

Do you get an error message, or does it just silently fail when it doesn’t save them?
Also, how are you saving them? It doesn’t auto-save stuff, you’ll need to click the “Run” button in the lower-left corner of the code editor :slight_smile:

No error message. And yes, I’m clicking Run.

@aarzee Hm. What browser are you using?
Does refreshing the page or using a different browser help?

I just checked with an Advisor and this issue has not come up on their side so it might be a one-off issue, or it could be browser related. No answers, as yet.

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I am having the same problem. I am stuck here at steps 3 Models II. I keep on clicking Run. But nothing happen. Help please!