Editing in Vim mode inside codecademy IDE

There is already a post for this topic here: Vim codeacademy, which unfortunately has been closed, so I’m not able to answer to it there anymore.

As Stetim94 already mentioned there, it would be quite difficult to modify the codecademy IDE to provide a Vim like editing mode, so the one of the easiest ways probably is, to use an external editor, which is live linked with the browser window.

As I’ve found a relatively simple solution for this issue, which works fine for me, I’d like to present it here, so other users can benefit from it too.

  • I’m working with the Atom Editor, which you can download here: https://atom.io/
  • Inside Atom, install the vim-mode-plus and the atomic-chrome package (the latter link also gives you further information on how to install and use the package)
  • Install the Atomic Chrome Extension inside the Chrome Browser and follow the instructions from the link mentioned above

Happy coding…